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$5 Flat Rate Shipping - Domestic USA
Ultimate Tablet Mounts - Get a Hands Free iPad

Ultimate Tablet Mounts - Get a Hands Free iPad

We’ve all been there: you want to show a funny video clip to a group of friends that you recently discovered, and as you lean your tablet or smartphone against a vase on the table or propped up against a book, the device inevitably slips right during the delivery of the punch line. On the other hand, if you’re talking to those friends or colleagues on a video call, you’ve probably given them some unflattering camera angles up your nose as you hold your tablet in your lap or are constantly shifting around on your couch trying to give your arms a break while holding the tablet. With the Grifiti Nootle Universal Tablet Mount and Tripod Stand, you will instantly improve the professional quality of your video calls by providing a protected and proper mount for your tablet, while also making your viewing or filming experience a lot easier by not worrying about slips or falls, allowing you to enjoy watching videos with friends or engaging in conversation with them comfortably.

The Grifiti Nootle Universal Tablet Mount has a few unique characteristics that help it stand out as the superior mount for your tablet or smartphone. The first would be the vast range of tablet sizes that the Nootle can perfectly accommodate, depending on what size iPad or tablet you use. For instance, the Grifiti Nootle Universal Large Tablet Mount can handle devices up to 15 inches in diameter, so your iPad Pro or Air, Microsoft Surface Pro, Samsung Galaxy, or Google Nexus will be securely contained in the Grifiti Nootle mount. If you use a more standard sized device, the normally sized Nootle will keep your iPad or iPad mini and other tablets ranging from 7 to 11 inches held safe and sound. Mobile devices are also covered with the Nootle Universal Phone Mount, holding phones 5 to 7.25 inches diagonally.

The second feature of note is Nootle’s spring-loaded extending arm and thick profile claws. This ensures a perfect and very secure fit for your tablet, regardless of the case that you may have it protected in, whether its manufacturer-made or aftermarket. Since there are no “steps” or “notches” to tighten, you don’t have to worry about being in-between sizes since the extending arm will match whatever dimensions your tablet and case may be. This spring design also allows for simple installation and removal if you want to quickly install or remove your tablet from its holder, making it ideal for teachers, musicians, or even larger groups of friends who want to take turns showing content. The thick profile of the diagonal holding claws further ensures a secure fit for your device irrespective of the case that you have it in, since it has a large profile range but still grips your device diagonally on the other load-bearing planes. We’ve heard from sailors who use the mount on their marine applications and note that the high winds and choppy seas still didn’t cause the tablet to budge, so if you’re intrepid enough to take your electronics outdoors, know that the Grifiti is reliably rugged enough to go with you. Grifiti got the physics on this thing right. 

A third aspect of the Nootle’s strength is the super grippy, but not tacky or residue-leaving, adhesive rubber that is used in the diagonal grips and along the device-facing side of the extending arms. This protects your device against abrasions and scratches from contact points with the mount, but also adds extra grip in addition to the unique shape of the diagonal mounts. Many customers write to us saying they were a bit nervous to put their heavier devices in the Nootle, but after using it in real world applications without problem, leave us five star reviews saying how pleased they are with its sturdiness.

The Nootle is fitted with a ¼ inch-20 thread connector in the back, allowing it to fit to any standard camera tripod that you may already have. If you are in need of a support stand, the Grifiti Nootle Stand + Mini Ball Head or Nootle Pan Head Pro Camera Tripod are affordable, functional, and durable. These stands function as ideal tools for you to use during your presentations and lectures, classroom discussions, photo shoots, music rehearsals, or even as a kitchen companion while you follow a recipe or cooking show. It also makes taking selfies look like you had a professional photographer and your group calls with friends instantly become more enjoyable as you can sit back on the couch and get the perfect angle for your call. 

The low tripod base and tall stand (up to 5 feet) of the standard model allows it to fit in tight spaces in your office, providing a professional setup and viewpoint for any additional screen or camera angle you need. The 360 degree ball head allows you to screw the Nootle in safely and securely, and then adjust however you need. The Pro Tripod is made of professional grade aluminum, has a greater range and adjustment options of its legs, providing a larger scope of use depending on where you need to set it up, and it also has a photographer’s grip for easy yet precise movement of the ball head. It was designed to be extremely strong while lightweight, coming with its own protective travel case.

All these products, whether a Nootle for your smartphone or a larger variety with a stand for your professional setup, are designed to be stylish, rugged, but also supremely affordable when compared to other products you can find. Grifiti offers some of the most competitive pricing you will, but does not skimp on engineering, quality of materials, or durability. Please read the numerous stellar reviews that previous customers have given us to see we truly design premium products with you and your needs in mind.

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