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Durable Long Lasting Silicone Grip Bands Cooking Grade for water bottles, flasks, coffee mugs, coffee cups, water jugs, robotics, boxes, books. 

We're doing a full line of grip bands - 2 inch wide standard Band Joes - because Kevin's kids kept losing their water bottles when the bottles slipped out of the side pocket on their packs. While our slimmer bands work, we decide a wider version would work even better. We'll offer a full line of these 2 inch wide Band Joes to fit over mugs, coffer flasks, cups, bottles, water bottles and just about anything you can think of. 

Perfect to wrap up really small things. Durable heat, cold, uv resistant cooking grade silicone bands.

We measure our bands flat, so when pressed against the desktop these are 5 inches flat and 10 inches in circumference. 

What you get:

5 5 x 2 x 0.067 inch flat silicone grip bands.

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