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Nootle Monopod Plus Phone or iPad Tablet Mount

by Nootle
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So what's a flipstick you ask? Well, we've been testing monopods and handheld monopods, but decided we'd make a new Nootle product that merges the 2 together into 1 great product and to reconfigure it you flip it over and move the mini ball head to the other end...simple enough. The result is a wonderfully adaptable pro level monopod and handheld monopod/extension pole with our d-ring mini ball head. Use it as a monopod stand, flip it around and stick the mini ball head on the other end and use it as a handheld monopod to shoot image and videos of yourself. 

Here's what you get:

A professional grade aluminum monopod and handheld monopod/extension pole. We tested about 20 monopod and 15 handheld monopods of these from various manufacturing partners but in the end we needed something that could do both so we had it made. We used a 5 piece quick twist lock leg configuration with super tight leg locks (this is a super big deal when you're using it as a monopod or as a walking stick like we do). 

A professional grade full adjustable D-ring mini ball head included. We really like the size of this ball head for use with the iPad Mount, iPhone and Smartphone Mount, and just about any compact, MILC (mirrorless interchangeable lens camera), and dSLRs without too long a lens. This makes this product really special because it gives you the ability to shoot portrait or landscape with the monopod or when you the handheld monopod configuration.

 A nylon travel case. A simple nylon case is included to protect your monopod while you're on the go. At 1 lb and 21 inches, this set up is the one we find ourselves packing every time we head out!


  • Material:  aluminum
  • Weight:  1 lb
  • Load capacity:  5.6 lbs
  • Length:  21 inches compress and up to 65 inches fully extended
  • Configurations: 5 quick twist lock sectional legs
  • D-ring mini ball head has 3/8 or 1/4 base connector and 1/4 head connector
  • Removable rubber foot you put on the end opposite the mini ball head to protect the threaded connector