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12in x 0.75in Bands 10 packs are 66% off. Get them while they last!
12in x 0.75in Bands 10 packs are 66% off. Get them while they last!

Band Joes 1/8 Width 1.25 flat x 0.125 Silicone Bands O-rings Gaskets Mixed Colors 100 Pk

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At present, these are our smallest 1/8 inch x 1/8 inch band cross section bands. They are 1.25 inches flat; 2.5 inches in diameter;  the have an inner diameter or 0.625 (5/8) inches; and an outer diameter of 0.875 (7/8) inches. They work great as o-rings, gaskets and BARELY 2X stretch rubber bands. 

These are made with our durable, long lasting, cooking grade silicone. They are UV, heat (to 600 degrees F), cold, and chemically resistant bands. They will not fall apart like desiccated traditional rubber bands so you'll can get years of use.

Perfect for wrapping up just about anything small or using as an o-ring or gasket. These are made with long lasting silicone instead of rubber. 

We measure our bands flat. So, when pressed against the desktop, these are 1.25 inch flat. These barely stretch to 2X. 

100 Band Joes Assorted Colors (usually 10 each of 10 colors - black, white, pink, red, orange, yellow, green, light blue, blue, and purple - although if we are low on stock we reserve the right to mix what we have). 

Specs for this model:

Cooking grade silicone, to 600 degrees F

1.25in (Flat) x 0.125in x 0.125 inch bands

 2.5 inch circumference

0.625 inch inner diameter, 0.875 inch outer diameter

Stretch: about 2x

Durometer: 20A