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$5 Flat Rate Shipping - Domestic USA
$5 Flat Rate Shipping - Domestic USA

Grifiti Dootle Stylus Rollerball Pen

by Dootle
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We love combining two individual products into one to get more features into a single item. We all use digital stylus's here and we use a bunch of different mechanical pencils and pens. Tin put together our original Kickstarter campaign with our Tagtool Mechanical Pencil and Stylus and this is our second generation effort at making combine stylus pencils and pens. We really like the space so we'll continue to update these over the coming years. 

These are made in a hexagonal shape so that they don't roll on your desktop. 
Screw off replaceable capacitive stylus nibs. 
Reversible stylus nib so you can put on either the cap or the pen shaft end.
Removable clip.
Refill with standard rollerball inserts.

We sell these stand-alone or in a 2 pack set with our Dootle Stylus and Rollerball Pen.

What you get:

1 Rollerball Pen and Capacitive Stylus