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Grifiti Band Joes #18 Gauge Long Lasting Silicone Rubber Bands

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Durable, long lasting Silicone #18 Bands replace standard rubber bands for wrapping stuff up. Office, Home, Kitchen, Hardware use to name a few. 

Grifiti Band Joes Silicone Rubber Bands in #18 Gauge Standard size. 100 pack, up to 10 assorted colors. 3 x 0.625 x 0.3125 flat measurement. 1.91 inch diameter. Stretch is about 8-10 inches.

These are made with cooking grade silicone rated to 600 degrees, hot, cold,  UV, and chemically resistant bands that last much longer than standard rubber bands.

Dimensions: 3" x 1/16" (0.0625) x 1/32" (0.03125) flat, 6" circumference, 1.91" diameter, and stretch is 2-3x

What you get:

100 Pack is 100 #18 Band Joes in assorted colors

200 Pack is 2 100 Packs #18 Band Joes in assorted colors

500 Pack is 5 100 Packs #18 Band Joes in assorted colors

1000 Pack is 10 100 Packs  #18 Band Joes in assorted colors