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Grifiti Band Joes 7.5 inch Silicone Pen Loop Bands for Pens Pencils Stylus (4pk)

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At our Friday BBQ, one of our neighbors suggested we add a couple of holes to our standard bands so that he could carry his pen with his moleskin notebook. A hole punch and hammer later, we'd made him 10 new stylus pen loop bands. After testing the sales with a few on Amazon, we've decided to add these to our Band Joes product line for good.

This is our Grifiti Band Joes 7.5 inch Stylus Pen Loop Bands 4 pack. They're available in assorted colors; black, white, red, blue, green, orange, purple, pink, yellow, and light blue. These are made with our standard, durable silicone. They're heat, cold, UV resistant and are made with cooking grade silicone so they are food safe. If you want to wrap a notebook up and carry either a stylus, pen or pencil with you, these are a really simple solution.

We measure our band sizes when squished flat, so a 7.5 inch band is 7.5 inches flat and about 5.2 inches in diameter. While these stretch up to 3x, we suggest a maximum of 1.5-2x so that the pen loop holes aren't stretched too tight.

What's included here:

Four7.5 x 0.75 x 0.125 inch bands: diameter is 5.2 inches, we recommend a working stretch of 1.5-2x

If you want a ton of packs with different colors you'll get the best price by adding all them as "assorted" packs to the cart, then send us a note with the mix you want. If you don't hear from you, then we'll send a mix based on the colors we have in stock.