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Grifiti Band Joes Silicone Cross Bands 20 Pk Assorted Sizes Crock Pots Game Boards Boxes Wraps

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This is our new retail 20 pack of Band Joes Cross Style Bands in assorted sizes and colors. We include five 4 inch, five 6 inch, five 9 inch, five 12 inch bands in Cross X Style. Assorted colors include black, white, red, blue, green, orange. The X Cross Style allows you to wrap one direction, then pull down two of the straps and wrap an X or +, which is super simple and super nice to have as an option. 

These cross bands stretch about 2x. You'll want to pull them over one direction and then grab the opposite straps to wrap over the object in the other direction. The joint is the weak point on these so rather than pulling aggressively against the point it's better to pull on the full length band direction first.