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Grifiti Chiton 13 Inch Neoprene Sleeve for MacBooks and Laptops

by Chiton
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We try to keep it simple with all our Chiton neoprene sleeves! 

Sleeves fail at the zippers so we don't use them in this sleeve. You just fold over the flap to close and protect your computer. At 13 x 9, this fits 13 inch MacBooks, laptops, and other notebook computers. 

We added a pocket so you can carry power cords and other accessories with your notebook computer. 

We make these in a bunch of sizes and also offer them in combination with our Travel Decks for laptop computers (even better with this included!). 

What you get:

Grifiti Chiton 13 stretch sleeve with pocket for 13 inch MacBooks, laptops, and notebook computers.