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Grifiti Platform Fat Wrist Pad 17 x 4 Inch

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2 great products together! Grifiti Platform Fat Wrist Pad 17 x 4 Inch combines our Home and Office Deck 17 Inch keyboard platform and lap desk and our Fat Wrist Pad 17" x 4" x 0.75" in either black, blue, red, purple, or pink. You can use these together with a mechanical keyboard or on their own.

Home and Office Deck 17 Inch has a non-skid heat shielding neoprene cover and a rigid lightweight acrylic core. This works great for any standard keyboard, any laptop or MacBook or just for writing.

Our Fat Wrist Pad 17 x 4 inch is perfect for ten key standard and mechanical keyboards. The Fat Wrist Pad 17" x 4" x 0.75" is our original product! If you have room for the 4 inch width on your desktop, it's exceptionally comfortable if your seat position and desk height are correct because if offers a large resting area for your wrists. All our Fat Wrist Pads have a non-skid base and soft, squishy neoprene center. The Fat Wrist Pad 17 x 4 Inch comes in smooth skin neoprene surface or black, royal blue, red, purple, or pink washable nylon surface. A great combination is the Fat Wrist Pad 17 Inch and the Fat Wrist Pad 8 Inch or one of our Fat Mouse Wrist Pads for your mouse.

If you don't have a ton of desktop space or if you're using a keyboard drawer, check out our thinner Fat Wrist Pad 17" x 2.75" for tight spaces....

What you get:

One Home and Office Deck  17 x 12 x 0.3 inches non-skid neoprene cover and rigid acrylic core
One Fat Wrist Pad 17 x 4 x 075 inches non-skid base and washable nylon surface